Secret Girlfriend #292

Whats new?

You can now view your girlfriends, set their socials, or make the private images visable in the gallery. There is also a new Virtual Reality Gallery now that you can walk through!!

Second public mint on Stashh

Secret Girlfriends were revealed on Stashh on December 21, 2021, through a public "mint", where all 1000 pieces were available at the same time. Each girlfriend was available to purchase at 25 sSCRT. All Secret Girlfriends were bought at mint. Since the public mint, there have been over 130 secondary sales, including our #1 ranked Athena going for 2000 sSCRT ($10,400 at the time). You can buy a girlfriend on secondary market through Stashh.

1000 unique NFT with rarity properties

First and foremost... every girlfriend is unique! This is not a "generative" project like you will find with AnonsNFT or SecretPunks. If that is more your speed, you should defintiely check them out! We decided to take a more artistic approach, while still making it possible for things like rarity and rank.

Secret Girlfriend #616

Private ownership by default

Secret Girlfriends are the second private by default NFT collection to release on Secret Network. Unlike public NFTs on public blockchains, only the owner can see their Secret Girlfriend, and the URL to the private image is fully encrypted to increase security.

Unlock shared secrets to find treasures

Some of the girlfriends in the 5 general categories contain shared secrets. There is 1 treasure for each of these categories. You will need all the secrets from a single category to unlock a single treasure. Currently there is 1250 sSCRT split between the 5 treasures, and additional sSCRT will be added depending on secondary sales volume. Will you work together to uncover the treasures, or will you adventure alone?

Interact with our community

Become a part of our community! Please follow us on twitter @scrtGirlfriends, and come chat with us and other Secret Girlfriend owners on Telegram or Discord!